About Us

Side Street, Sydney is a writing project designed to inspire.
Rather than looking to the outer world for brilliance, we look to our own backyard – and find some pretty magical people in the process.


It’s a city which simultaneously proves and contradicts itself. It is at once associated with beauty and electricity, frivolity and soul, going out and staying in. It is made up of its people and defined by its scenery, but the real Sydney exists in each and every side street. You can find your way around this city with a guidebook, but we all know there’s much more to it than that.

The real Sydney has a face, an idea, a vision. It acts, it absorbs, it vibrates. It is everything and anything that life encompasses. It is the jobs, the issues, the creativity, the sights, the sounds, the flavours. It is getting out of Sydney and into ourselves.

Side Street, Sydney is a blogazine dedicated to the fine city of Sydney and the competing passions of its people and its admirers. It is for the fashionista as much as it is for the social worker. The streets of Sydney aren’t divided up into categories, so why should a website dedicated to them be?

In this site, there will be a new posts every week that are dedicated to different aspects of our city life. There will be music, there will be fashion, there will be writing. There will be profiles on people you should be thankful for and issues you should know about.

There will be the life behind the buildings,
the city within the people,
and the thoughts that eat up the streets.