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We're coming back!

Greetings lovely people!

We have been a stranger! We know. We've been so busy. So busy starting the world's BEST new media project, that is!

If you liked Side Street, Sydney, boy oh boy are you going to love this. You may love it so much you want to make out with it, which you can totally do you know, it's your computer screen. So it's called This Place is Yours and it's a not for profit media project designed to enhance mental health, social inclusion and social change. It's features include an online diary powered by you, where you can share your stories; inspirational features on amazing people (ala Side Street) and tons of amazing local content too, so you can know what's going on in your area no matter where you are (we're going GLOBAL this time!). We're going to attempt to bridge that massive divide between the online and the offline realm as well with events and meetups, such as conversation series and book clubs, plus workshops to teach you guys how to share your stories, which we'll then publish on the site. AND! And we're going to be producing stories about issues you need to hear about and we need to talk about, such as mental health, abuse, addiction, and fluffier things, like LOVE.

There is oh so much to it, and we've been at the School for Social Entrepreneurs for the better part of the past year to work on it. Now it's all set and ready for launch, but we need your help!
For $50 you'll be part of the movement for a more open society, and you'll also get a very delectable mook (half magazine, half book) with stories about compassion, grief, joy, sadness, hope and inspiration (and more). It's going to be possibly the prettiest thing ever. And if you have deeper pockets, then you can grab some signed prints from Cybele Malinowski, photographer extraordinaire.

We're going to shut up now and point you to this link, where you can read so much more and see so much more and then contribute so much more. We're really excited to be back, and we hope you like it. 

Here's a video for you about why it's being created, which was produced after Tuesday evening's Think Act Change event on whether storytelling can change the world (yes it can).

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