(with) relish this dream

I am getting lost
in your understory
this beautiful drag
of an orang-utan dreamI’m hanging around your
heights between the canopy
and losing sight
of the forest floor

a little deeper
I’m going each time you
ask me a question
with your verdant eyes

at this rainforest counter
I’m choosing
all things on the menu
with one simple side

orange, in quarters
juicy and ripe
for picking
amongst these
trees we’re now climbing

gently guiding me with your arms
to another
piece of
stolen time
if you don’t mind

how I am relishing
your relish

combined and entwined
like the trees
along their spines
murmuring mouths
droning basses
are tangling at the wind

I’m tasting this orange
light, smooth with a little bite
at the corners of my tongue

I think the dust is
listening and deciding to
stay outside of this forest

so that we can remain suspended
in this enchanted time