Questions . . . Some Answers


What is this?
That answer can be found here.But, why?
Because you don’t have to go very far to be inspired. Because you know the names, but you don’t know what – or who – is behind them. Because those of us who like style also like substance… sometimes.Who are you guys?
That can be found here.So what are all the categories, exactly?
The Soul is the substance part of this website. Each week will feature a new post dedicated to a social issue you should know about, a person or group who is doing great things or just cool stuff in general that might make you feel smarter.

The Words is the creative writing and the stories about writers. We have this section mainly to inspire us. And possibly you.

The Style is all about the designers, the stylists and the people who work in the fashion industry. It’s about those who make us want to spend copious amounts of money we don’t have.
The Art features the photographers, the artists, the design studios and all image makers that throw our eyeballs – and creative inspiration – into rapture.

The Places is the section on the sites you should visit when you’ve made the decision to walk out the door but haven’t quite figured out where you’re going to go. There are little stories on our favourite bars, restaurants, shops and galleries. Yes, it’s broad, but they are all PLACES, aren’t they? We thought so.

The Scene is a by no means comprehensive guide to what’s going on in the city during the upcoming week. We really just pick one or a few events that have stood out to us, and these can include live music, festivals, theatre or, well, anything else, really. We wish we could, but we don’t have the time to tell you everything.

The Gallery features the weekly photos by our wonderful photographer, Lisa Zhu.

Can I contribute?
Yes, of course! You can read about that here. One word of advice? Know how to write. And of course proofread.

How do I post and read the comments?
At the top right corner of the beginning of each post, there’s a little “talk bubble” and a number next to it (right next to the date). Click on that number. Read and post!

How do you make money to do this?
We don’t. Sponsor us.

Why do you look weird?
Good question. Could be because your browser sucks. We strongly urge you to switch to Firefox.

Why is my question not on here?
How am I supposed to know to buy butter if you don’t tell me we’re out? Wait, bad analogy. Email us your question and we’ll add to this list!