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A Little Beyond Sydney...

If you happen to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you would know that the recent flooding in Queensland kind of made us cry a little. We know we're all Sydney-this and Sydney-that, but truth be told, we love this whole gosh darn country, and if we had the time we'd devote a whole site to loving it (actually, we will be... watch this space, smiley FACE.). For the time being, we're doing what we can from here to help, and so we're very excited to reveal some very exciting plans that may well make you wee your pants. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

On March 17, we're going to holding a pretty awesome event at the Oxford Arts Factory, which is going to combine art and music and all around goodness to raise funds for those affected by the flood. Further details will be disclosed shortly (we like being mysterious, in case you hadn't guessed) but please mark the date in your very busy and important schedule.

ALSO, Final Episode chooses a different charity to donate proceeds to every month, and for January, we had chosen the RSPCA, mainly because we love animals to a kind of psychotic extent. Anyway, the floods happened and it was very sad, and then when we saw some images of little furry creatures being swept away, we went searching for a rock under which to hide ourselves for the rest of eternity. We didn't find one, which ended up being a good thing, as we discovered that we could give part of our proceeds to the RSPCA Queensland Flood Appeal. And so buying earrings has never been so beneficial to all of animal-kind. January is almost over, so we've decided to extend our donation to the RSPCA for throughout February, too. Hey, there are two causes! ANIMAL WELFARE AND A FLOOD! Please don't make us cry again.

GO SHOPPING. Woof woof.

Animal Planet (A Reminder): Bridge Stehli

Those who do the Sydney group show rounds have almost certainly come across the work of Bridge Stehli, and once one piece is viewed the rest become immediately iconic. Portraying animals in hilarious human social settings – two wealthy buffaloes demonstrating the social discomfort between the new and old upper classes, a murderous red fox attempting to wash away his crime, and an all too realistic depiction of a flamboyant socialite in giraffe form – the common sentiment that lies underneath the acrylic paint and timber is a truly soulful connection to all living things. Although simultaneously quirky and adorable, when Bridge explains the context from where her work originates she subtly underlines a deep warmth within her. It is one that has remained with her since childhood; the profound ability to bond and empathise with creatures who all too often get demoted within the hierarchy of a human-centric society. She expresses such sentiment through art that often explores and comments upon the at times callous effect maturity can have on the human spirit. Indeed, her work is not so much nostalgic of her childhood but rather, never left it. The innocent curiosity inherent within children is a characteristic Bridge still proudly flaunts, and in turn refuses to conform to the jaded, untouchable sense of superiority so many seem to garnish their outlook with as soon as they transition into adulthood.

Sir Hubert 'The Unworthy' meets Lord Cuthbert 'The Privileged' (The battle of new money vs. old money)

It's all about the Perspective

photos: Lisa Zhu

Justice in a Beer Glass: The Courthouse Hotel

Affectionately known by the locals as “The Courty”, the popular Courthouse Hotel pub in Newtown flies the non-conformist flag in the face of the increasing minimalist chic that is creeping into pubs everywhere. Here we have an unpretentious, authentic establishment that proudly waves its Aussie pride on behalf of all the punters.


And when they told him
That he’d had a minor heart attack
He hadn’t even noticed.

Last night you awoke
To the sound of war
In the backyard.

The war he survived
By the skin of his yellowing teeth
Only to find out
That last night was almost the last.


photo: Lisa Zhu

The Visual Librarian: Yimmy Yayo

For those with a quiet disposition and wide artistic interests, there are few things in the world more appealing than spending their days collecting images from the web and creating a visual library of beauty, curiosity and intrigue. For almost three years, that’s exactly what Yimmy Yayo has done.

The Final Absolut Exhibition

Remember that exhibition we held all those months ago? That was fun. During Lisa Zhu presents Side Street, Sydney, we all got to meet a bunch of you, Lisa got to sell a bunch of her work and this site’s editor got to get REALLY pissed in front of people she maybe shouldn’t have. Ah, memories – all the more special when they get a chance to repeat themselves, which is exactly what they get to do this Thursday night at the ABSOLUT Stairwell Gallery. As the last event in the ABSOLUT series, the evening will be going out in style with an exhibition that will include every ABSOLUT piece that each artist who participated in the project created. After you browse their beautiful interpretations of vodka and tantalise your tastebuds with a cocktail full of it, you can take part in a silent auction to keep one for yourself to bring out in times of need and alcoholic cravings. The artist who gets the highest bid will get to keep all the money from the sold works and inject them into a solo show. We’ll of course be bidding on our very own Lisa and will once again be present to meet a bunch of you. We will not, however, get as wasted. We promise. We hope you’ll come along and join us and our friends at Dialogue in paying homage to an excellent series of events that really gave us a chance to view the emerging talent in this city. It’ll be on from 6pm to 9pm this Thursday, January 13 at the gallery on Darlinghurst Road in Kings Cross. RSVP to

A Dramatic Escape: Leura Shakespeare Festival

Iambic pentameter, melodramatic Italians and a horde of gender-confused lovers are retuning to the Blue Mountains for the Leura Shakespeare Festival after last year’s sell-out debut. Opening tonight and unfolding in the dream-like Everglades Gardens, the festival is run by the Sydney-based Sport for Jove Theatre Company (SfJ) and The National Trust of NSW. Directed by Damien Ryan, the poetic line up includes A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet and As You Like It.

Music by Default: Papa vs Pretty

When Tom Rawles, lead vocalist of Sydney band Papa vs Pretty, sits down for coffee and a chat, he exudes an effortless cool, sort of like a young Lou Reed. If Lou Reed had swapped his whisky for green tea, that is. Tom’s all leather and skinny jeans and artfully unfussy hair – exactly as you would hope a future rock legend to look. You know, before all that tea.

Good Morning, 2011

A New Year. A New Outlook. A New Dream.
2011, we already love you.

photos of New Years Eve dawn by Lisa Zhu
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