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Movie Giveaway!: Griff the Invisible

It’s impossible to discuss new Aussie film Griff the Invisible without mentioning Hollywood’s Kick-Ass from last year. Okay yes, it’s a film about an ordinary dude being a superhero much like Kick-Ass, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Where Kick-Ass was fierce and comicky, Griff is charming, quirky and romantic. It’s a gentle story that touches on mental illness and the belief that love is possible for everyone, not just the “normal”. OH THANK GOD.

The titular character, Griff, is deftly played by Ryan Kwanten of the buff-chested True Blood fame (and Home & Away, apparently). Unlike the deliciously over-the-top extremes of True Blood, here Kwanten is serious, subtle and honest. Kwanten’s Griff falls head over heels for the equally maladjusted Melody (Maeve Dermody) and they become partners in crime. Literally, I suppose.

Griff the Invisible is entirely wonderful and well worth your 17 bucks (or whatever a movie costs these days). Or, if you’re quick, we have 10 in-season double passes to give away. Simply email us at explaining your most obtrusive neurosis by this Friday, March 18.

Griff the Invisible is in cinemas from Thursday.

words: Kristen Hodges


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