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The Final Episode Zine

Back in September when I was launching Final Episode, I was also slowly losing my mind, and the little zine Cristina Mackay-Sim of Canvas Group and I created to go with the store's packaging both reflected this madness and allowed me to cling softly on to whatever sanity I had remaining. There was not much. Anyway, the incredibly talented Cristina did an exceptional job with the zine's design, and the poetry I wrote for it was pretty dark and twisted, so I'd like to share it with all of you. The front and back covers of the zine consist of some mighty fine illustrative work and a manifesto of the Final Episode woman, who, as it turns out, is beautiful and evil and kind of terrifying. It opens into a series of "last lines" from the final episodes of television shows past, and then flips to a scene from a dark and moody Los Angeles, where another poem is weaved through an old movie-time marquee. When you open THAT fold the zine turns into a pretty crazy Jonathan Zawada print that you can hang on your wall and stare at when you're on LSD.

You can ALWAYS purchase something from the store and get a hard copy for yo'self. Just thought I should point that out - especially seeing as this week you can get 15% off your entire order by simply entering promo code "autumn09X7". It's case sensitive and it's super special.
Okay, self-promotion done. I hope you enjoy! xx

She can feel the eyes gaze upon her
But she’s not really sure why they’re there
And truth be told, she doesn’t care
Although she could hold them if she felt so inclined
And hold the great inquisition in her stare
Without a flinch, and certainly no glimmer
Because what would be the point?
It is the fleeting trivialities that bore her most
And so she pays them no attention
Her own mind needs her attention
For it is what has created the world she knows
But for now, there is a moment to be lived
And so she sits… and watches

front/back cover


The only outcome that is guaranteed is the fact that it will end.
Everything else is unspoken for, undeveloped, unattained. Sometimes unwelcome. Preferably unexpected.
How will you bow at the curtain call? Will you have given your best performance?
Will your finale be remembered, not by those who watched, but by those who cared?
Or were you focusing on the wrong audience, all along?
Will YOU want to remember?
But now, the future is blind.
Nobody can tell you otherwise.
All you can do is act.


Jonathan Zawada for Final Episode

words: Seema Duggal


March 29, 2011 at 3:49 PM SachaStrebe said...

awesome stuff seema! love it xx

March 29, 2011 at 6:58 PM Seema said...

Thank you sweetheart! xx

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