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Festival Time is the Best Time

Sometimes, we just want to run around the streets dripping with glitter and rainbows (and boas and blue lipstick) and dance to the music in our heads and act like overall lunatics in the pursuit of pure, hedonistic idiocy. DON'T EVEN TELL US YOU HAVEN'T HAD SIMILAR DREAMS. It isn't often when we can do the above without being committed, which is why this time of year tends to be one of our favourites - a final, neon-streaked hurrah to mark the end of summer and the silly season that was during Sydney's most famous festival of them all: Mardi Gras. There have been many events going on during the past few weeks in the lead up to this Saturday's parade on Oxford Street, and while we could list them out for you, we don't have the time or the will. After all, we have to go score ourselves a few milk crates and some red wigs. We will, however, point out the Imperial Panda Festival, which begins this Friday and lasts until March 20.

The festival's home base will be GOODGOD, which will play host to seven new performance works, two visual arts shows, workshops, swap meets, collected works nights, free talks, bands and our favourite: DANCING. There will be more than 100 creatives taking part, and all profits from the tickets go straight to the hands of the visionaries. More info can be seen here.

From our gay pride to yours, we wish you a fantastically hilarious Mardi Gras.

photo by New Mardi Gras


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