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Change the Future: Spark* in Action

You may remember our story on Spark* in October of last year, and if you don't then now would be a good time to revisit it, as the dynamic new charity has just come back from the first round of its leadership program in PNG. If you're too lazy to read the full article again (we forgive you ONLY because it's Friday), Spark* partners with local universities to identify youth leaders in impoverished regions of the world who have the power to influence change in their community, and they mentor them to bring that change about in a systematic, productive and culturally relevant way. Their first leadership summit was a few weeks ago, and to prove how awesome this whole idea is, we're posting the video on it below.
Sydney, meet the future of the Third World.

Help spread the word and be part of this future by sharing the concept with your friends, liking Spark* on Facebook and if you have some spare change that you'd REALLY like to get mileage with, by becoming a monthly supporter.


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