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Candles & Horses: Earth Hour

Remember the good ole days, when people used candles instead of light bulbs and rode horses and wore Victorian gowns and said things like, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"?
Yah, we didn't live through those days either, and we suppose anyone under the age of 150 hasn't. It's sad.
Well aside from being totally awesomely good for the environment (clearly our vernacular more resembles Wayne's World than Gone with the Wind), tomorrow is Earth Hour - a time when we can all pretend that we live in an age that may not have adequate plumbing but DOES require us to RIDE AN ADORABLE ANIMAL to get from point A to point B. We think we would all agree where the scales tip on this one.
Earth hour starts at 8.30pm but instead of amping the voltage at 9.30, we say make a thing of it and go all night. Grab some candles (gorgeous Surry Hills store I Ran the Wrong Way has a lovely selection especially for the occasion) and cook some dinner and turn on the radio and TALK to one another, rather than watch TV. You can even rent a Victorian gown and, if you have some spare change, a horse. If you do the latter please invite us along too. WE GAVE YOU THE IDEA, AFTER ALL.
No one would argue against the fact that the technological advances over the past century have made life a hell of a lot easier, but in our eyes, the best things in life are always in the basics - and Earth Hour gives us the perfect opportunity to spend an evening among them.


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