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Art and Friends: Jodee Knowles' Independent of Time

I have a god awful confession to make - I was going to write a story on Friends of Leon Gallery today but I lost the interview notes. WRITER'S FAIL. I will do my utmost to find these notes and thereby salvage myself, but I didn't want to miss the chance to highlight a beautiful exhibition on tonight - Perth artist Jodee Knowles is back at the space after her debut sell-out show last year. This exhibition, entitled Independent of Time, examines the confines of time and its relation to the human experience. It is one of those philosophical subjects that has the ability to both thrill and torment us, and Jodee's work examines what happens when we revolve our entire existence around it. Her style is reminiscent of Tim Burton but with a feminist twist, and she uses just the right amount of colour to punctuate the psyche through grey scenes of despair, loneliness and confusion.

Jodee is one of a select few artists that curator Leon Krasenstein has taken under his wing. A set and costume designer by trade, Leon's foray into the gallery world has been brought on by a passion for collaboration and hand picked aesthetic arrangements. He works with the artists who exhibit at Friends of Leon from inception of their idea to the execution of its placement in his space, often developing close relationships with them along the way. But owning a gallery doesn't end with the artists; Leon is determined to turn the venue into a neighbourhood gathering point of sorts, and he encourages everyone in the area to come, spark up conversations and enjoy beautiful art together - and hopefully get to know one another's names in the process. Indeed, Friends of Leon has been a catalyst for doing just that, which will hopefully soon extend past the Surry Hills street it is situated in.

Independent of Time opens tonight at 82 Marlborough Street in Surry Hills from 6pm to 8pm, and the exhibition is on through March 31st.

words: Seema Duggal


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