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Love in the Name of Design

Oh my goodness look at us! We're all fresh and new, much like a very cute baby animal.

So if you have been paying attention to our schizo-site of late, you may have noticed that we have a very short attention span and like to shake things up a little rather often. We had been getting itchy feet with our Georgia-centric identity for a while, so in between deciding what to do we did nothing at all. It turned out to be rather unproductive. Thankfully, our lovely designy friend Thembi Hanify soon came to the rescue when she offered to redo our identity, and we couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. To celebrate the commercial-tastic holiday that it is, today it's centered around Valentines Day, because Google shouldn't be the only ones who are allowed to have an ever-evolving masthead. We may not be as important as them, but we consider ourselves as cool. Nevermind what anyone else thinks.

In the meantime, you should continue procrastinating by checking out Thembstar's many other projects, which include a magazine (Monster & Midget), illustration and a collaborative venture with this site's editor, Final Version. Right now she's based in Brooklyn, New York, where she is making us very jealous and also working for a studio that can list the likes of Stella McCartney as a client. Thembi's one busy, talented lady, and we appreciate her very much.

So our Valentines Day message is this: even if you don't have a significant other, use this Hallmark excuse to celebrate ALL the love in your life - your beatiful friends, eye candy design and, above all, cute baby animals.

Monster & Midget magazine, issue 2

a personal drawing

packaging for Brisbane band Emerald


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