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We were eloquent once
Before we found each other
Exactly where we had been left
And forgot how to speak.

For a long time
We had traded words that meant other words
That meant different things that meant
‘I adore you.’

And this was how it would always be
Always and never
Eloquent, charming
And lying to everyone.

It would make for an amazing story
But we only wrote those stories
When we were impossible possibilities
And knew how to speak.

Now we regress, happily,
Past the words, the vowel sounds
Tough consonants, soft syllables
Back to where it started.

We were eloquent once,
But we weren’t happy, then,
Trading words, so many millions of words,
Which never had any currency.
‘It’s not like that.’
- I want you
‘We’ve known each other forever’
- I need you

We were eloquent once.
Now there’s nothing left to say
As we’ve exhausted ourselves
On pretence

And together,
We can finally sleep,
Without saying a word,


words: Jonno Seidler


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