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Justice in a Beer Glass: The Courthouse Hotel

Affectionately known by the locals as “The Courty”, the popular Courthouse Hotel pub in Newtown flies the non-conformist flag in the face of the increasing minimalist chic that is creeping into pubs everywhere. Here we have an unpretentious, authentic establishment that proudly waves its Aussie pride on behalf of all the punters.

The Courty has one of the best beer gardens in Sydney. With ample space and a laidback vibe, it’s the perfect venue for lazy Sunday drinks under the shade of frangipani trees. Jugs of beer flow freely, and it should be noted The Courty has an impressive offering of taps beers. Most notable is its very own brew, Justice Ale, which is made by the great folks at Redoak and will quench a summer thirst perfectly. There is an urban myth that Justice has fewer preservatives than its commercial cousins, which means one is less likely to have a hangover after a big night. Note to self: must try to prove/disprove this theory upon next visit.

The crowd is eclectic and relaxed, with artists drinking alongside emos, punks playing pool against tradies and old timers having a yarn at the bar. The bistro serves standard pub fare, with a kids menu also available. The interior has a uni share house vibe with a veritable assortment of retro entertainment, such as a sit-down Space Invaders game, a jukebox and a room devoted solely to pinball machines. For those who like their games a bit more competitive and interactive, come along on a Thursday night where you’ll find a giant Connect 4 and Jenga. But be warned – there are locals who take their battles very seriously, so it’s best to be prepared for an intensely quick game with sledging and heckling almost a given. For those who have the stamina, pop along on a Friday morning where you will find Trashingo (Bingo but with a twist!).

Newtown is a suburb with its fair share of drinking holes but rest assured The Courty is a standout and worth a visit. How can you not love a place called The Courthouse, where Justice (Ale) is served? Boom tish...

Courthouse Hotel
202 Australia Street
Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: (02) 9519 8273

words: Mireille Lam


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