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A Little Beyond Sydney...

If you happen to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you would know that the recent flooding in Queensland kind of made us cry a little. We know we're all Sydney-this and Sydney-that, but truth be told, we love this whole gosh darn country, and if we had the time we'd devote a whole site to loving it (actually, we will be... watch this space, smiley FACE.). For the time being, we're doing what we can from here to help, and so we're very excited to reveal some very exciting plans that may well make you wee your pants. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

On March 17, we're going to holding a pretty awesome event at the Oxford Arts Factory, which is going to combine art and music and all around goodness to raise funds for those affected by the flood. Further details will be disclosed shortly (we like being mysterious, in case you hadn't guessed) but please mark the date in your very busy and important schedule.

ALSO, Final Episode chooses a different charity to donate proceeds to every month, and for January, we had chosen the RSPCA, mainly because we love animals to a kind of psychotic extent. Anyway, the floods happened and it was very sad, and then when we saw some images of little furry creatures being swept away, we went searching for a rock under which to hide ourselves for the rest of eternity. We didn't find one, which ended up being a good thing, as we discovered that we could give part of our proceeds to the RSPCA Queensland Flood Appeal. And so buying earrings has never been so beneficial to all of animal-kind. January is almost over, so we've decided to extend our donation to the RSPCA for throughout February, too. Hey, there are two causes! ANIMAL WELFARE AND A FLOOD! Please don't make us cry again.

GO SHOPPING. Woof woof.


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