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The Final Absolut Exhibition

Remember that exhibition we held all those months ago? That was fun. During Lisa Zhu presents Side Street, Sydney, we all got to meet a bunch of you, Lisa got to sell a bunch of her work and this site’s editor got to get REALLY pissed in front of people she maybe shouldn’t have. Ah, memories – all the more special when they get a chance to repeat themselves, which is exactly what they get to do this Thursday night at the ABSOLUT Stairwell Gallery. As the last event in the ABSOLUT series, the evening will be going out in style with an exhibition that will include every ABSOLUT piece that each artist who participated in the project created. After you browse their beautiful interpretations of vodka and tantalise your tastebuds with a cocktail full of it, you can take part in a silent auction to keep one for yourself to bring out in times of need and alcoholic cravings. The artist who gets the highest bid will get to keep all the money from the sold works and inject them into a solo show. We’ll of course be bidding on our very own Lisa and will once again be present to meet a bunch of you. We will not, however, get as wasted. We promise. We hope you’ll come along and join us and our friends at Dialogue in paying homage to an excellent series of events that really gave us a chance to view the emerging talent in this city. It’ll be on from 6pm to 9pm this Thursday, January 13 at the gallery on Darlinghurst Road in Kings Cross. RSVP to


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