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Sydney's Style Sensation: Tubarosa

One of our secret loves here at Side Street Sydney is fashion illustration, ranging everywhere from the realistic and incredible to the sentimental and adorable. Our newest obsession is with Tubarosa, who definitely fits into the later of the two categories. The alter ego of Annie Wright-Zawada (yes, THAT Zawada – clearly like attracts like...), Tubarosa is the most well-dressed and attractive two dimensional character we’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. In addition to some pretty stylish ensembles, Tubarosa’s site regularly pays tribute to her good friends, showcases beautiful little flower bouquets and every so often, presents a rather tempting recipe for baked treats. We asked Annie to invoke Tubarosa and answer a few questions for us, as well as draw us a special photo of the paper version of herself in the Sydney summer.

Hi, Tubarosa! Tell us where your name comes from?
Hi! My name Tubarosa is a misspelled version of the delicate flowers Tuberose Or Tuberosa. My mother kept an old Italian perfume bottle called Tubarosa in our bathroom and this is where it originated from.

You have quite the fashion sense. Where do you do most of your shopping?
Good question, lately I have found that times are tougher than they ever have been before, so I enjoy shopping in my closet! Most of my most prized pieces were purchased a few years ago or they have been given to me as gifts (I have lots of very talented fashion designer friends).

When did you come into existence, and what do you do for a living now?
Well, I was brought to life 10 years ago, so I guess I am 10 years old - well perhaps in cat years or something...? Right now I guess I work as a fashion and graphic designer with a lot of secretarial duties!

You seem to really like flowers. What do they mean to you?
Wow, I LOVE flowers, to me they mean that my life is beautiful and I am lucky and blessed and fortunate to be in a position where I live in such a place that having flowers is an option and an everyday luxury. Their scents hold strong connections of different people, times and places from my life. Carnations remind me of my old teenage bedroom, Gardenias of my papa at Christmas time and those big double roses remind me of my best friend, the most generous of flower givers.

What else are you inspired by?
I am inspired by my amazing husband, sunny days, swimming at the beach, my family, any form of positive feedback and my delightful pussy cat!

Tell us about your cat. What’s she like?
Well, firstly he is a he. He is black and small, so small, yet kind of fat. His name is Phatty. He doesn't much like for people who aren't me or my husband. He has a raspy voice, he is sarcastic, sometimes rude, very dry and has a quick wit. He is also hungry and or sleepy.

You like to cook, don’t you!? What are your favourite things to make?
Wow, I LOVE to cook! I love to bake cakes, cookies and desserts. Also I love to cook casual dinner parties. My favourite cake recipe at the moment for gaining compliments is the Bourke St. Bakery's Banana cake with caramel sauce. It gets them every time!

How do you like to spend your weekends?
I like to spend my weekends in bed, in the house, on the couch, watching movies, baking, gardening, pottering about, having tea, scones maybe, visiting baby nephews, and having one of those casual dinner parties. I hate but love getting up every Saturday morning to go to the markets for our weekly fresh produce.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to see Tubarosa's daily entries focusing on a much smaller, possibly more real Tubarosa. Is that too cryptic?!

What else would you like people to know about you?
I would like them to know that Tubarosa sometimes feels a little embarrassed portraying herself on the internet as a much skinner girl than in reality AND she also feels weird talking about herself in the 3rd person, well, that is until she recently visited her 2.5 year old nephew who refers to himself in the 3rd person and it really is to die for!!

Tubarosa for Side Street, Sydney, chilling close to home on Ithaca Road, Elizabeth Bay.
Vintage blouse and shorts
APC cardigan
Graz sunglasses and
Minnetonka moccasins

interview: Seema Duggal


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