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Music for Free!: The Preachers' 66 Project

With a ragged allure normally worn by storybook pirates, Sydney favourites The Preachers are a band of rebels in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. They have just embarked on their ambitious 66 Project, in which they’ll be recording and releasing high-quality demos over the next 6 months for free, all the while documenting the process online.

With local producers (Tony Buchen, Basil Hodges), filmmakers (Oliver Heath, Closetakes), fashion designers (St Augustine Academy), artists and photographers working alongside The Preachers to help make each release possible, The 66 Project officially begins this month with the release of 'The Sleeping Serial'.

Their debut self titled EP is now available on Bandcamp for free, as well as downloads of popular off-cuts from the EP, ‘Young’ and ‘Fictional Lover’. Be sure to keep an eye out for tunes ranging from acoustic folk and dark country to full-blown rock ’n’ roll.

words: Jacinda Fermanis


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