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A Better Burger Joint: Moo

Newtown is as fickle as Lindsay Lohan’s career, but then that’s one of the things that makes it such a great place. Recently a little burger joint called Moo opened its doors right down the Dendy end of King Street. You could call it a ‘gourmet’ burger place if you wish, but that would make it sound prissy and kind of annoying.

Order a Muscovy duck & bacon burger with orange relish and you will not be disappointed. But you could also just get a plain burger (I won’t start the argument as to what a plain burger SHOULD contain. Okay, yes I will – this is not America and in this country a plain burger has some goddamm vegetables on it, okay? Rant over.) and a beer and then sit yourself down in a cute and comfy chair and watch as they bring you a bottle of tapped water and then marvel in the complete lack of pretentiousness in it all. The fact that they are not trying too hard to be clever is exactly what makes Moo magnificent.

The burgers are good. Really good. Like “Oh I just ate too much” good. One of life’s pleasures is having burger juice drip down your arm as you munch and Moo’s creations definitely satisfy that “need”. The fries are super crunchy and golden but creamy in the middle. I don’t know scientifically how they get them so crunchy: it’s a mystery, albeit a delicious one. Add a bit of piri piri sauce and some aioli and it’s almost a religious experience.

Sitting about at Moo is decidedly pleasant. It’s comfy and you don’t feel rushed by the staff, everyone is relaxed and happy to let you be while you finish your burger, drink a beer and just sit, chat, and people-watch on King Street. On my first visit, we arrived not long before closing and the staff gallantly served us without hovering or even indicating that it was past their home-time. The room isn’t too sterile or loud; it’s just a pleasant place to camp. There’s signage indicating a courtyard out the back of the restaurant, however due to Sydney’s schizophrenic weather, I am yet to check it out. I’m sure it’s equally as agreeable so it’s on the list for the next time.

And there will be a next time – of that you can be certain. I’m already dreaming of the Greek lamb burger with grilled haloumi. On Fridays they do a burger and Blonde’s deal where a Pure Blonde will only cost you $2. Moo also have a range of milkshakes, to which you can add the booze of your choice. This place is clearly made for me.

232 King Street


words: Kristen Hodges

photos: Matt Hodges


February 18, 2011 at 3:35 PM Anonymous said...

It is overpriced for what you receive. Burger Fuel and Burgerlicious are in the same suburb and give better value for money.

The sales staff cannot even process your order without stuffing up the money.

October 3, 2011 at 7:36 PM jenja said...

this is more of an open question than a comment- what ingerdients are in the gluten free bun that costs 50c?

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