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I forget. I remember.

I forget, in time, what she looks like,
I remember what is important.

I forget the way she is sensitive about her body,
I remember that she likes her coffee piping hot, with two Equals.

I forget that she is allergic to grass
I remember to buy her flowers, which die in the heat of my car.

I forget her constant yearning to travel, far away,
I remember telling her that I want to stay right here.

I forget her birthday, her mother’s name, our anniversary, what day it is,
I remember the week, day, hour, minute we first kissed; I was sweating.

I forget the time she told me she often finds other women appealing
I remember how many times (6) she asked me if I was sure I wasn’t gay.

I forget that she hates her old friends,
I remember that she doesn’t like her new ones, either.

I forget that she was hospitalised, once, for something serious,
I remember how much she loves the sunshine in the late afternoon.

I forget what is important,
I remember, in time, what she looks like.

I forget the way she rolls her eyes and mutters “Oh, Sydney…’
I remember the way I smile and say ‘Oh, Sydney…’

I remember. I forget.

words: Jonno Seidler


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