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New Storytelling: Lior

Alt-folk girls everywhere can be heard letting out a big, gushy sigh: local favourite Lior has a brand new album and a big fat new tour. Being lovers of the gushy stuff, we wanted to grab the man inappropriately and keep him to ourselves. However, loath to find ourselves in prison, we satisfied ourselves with a mere conversation instead.

With this latest offering, Lior seems to have moved on somewhat from indie wedding favourite, “This Old Love” (from his hugely successful 2005 album Autumn Flow), and 2008’s Corner of an Endless Road. The new record, Tumbling in the Dawn, has a bit more of a pop sensibility to it; there is almost a Beatles-esque sense of fun at play. “With my second album, my ambition was make something that was moody and textural, and [for this album] I wanted to jump to another extreme, to do something a bit more vibrant and immediate,” Lior explains. “This album is more of me being a storyteller; the first two albums were largely introspective.”

The lessons Lior has learned from his previous outings are clearly present in this album. “I took a while off to write it which meant I could relax; it was a pure and enjoyable artistic process. The magic of the first album was that there was an innocent optimism about it, [but] I’d go back and tell myself not to take things too seriously and make sure that I’m enjoying it.”

Last year Lior was a busy man. In between writing this album, he was on the road touring. “The most inspiring thing was working with two shadow artists. We worked to integrate the visual art to connect and interact with the music. We built a narration around it.” Super-complicated technical challenge number #1 down, what was next? Lior teamed up with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to do a glorious show in the Botanic Gardens. “It was an incredible collaboration. To have the power and lushness of an orchestra accompanying me was amazing,” he recalls. But why stop at Adelaide when you can conquer the entire country? The answer is you don’t. Lior let us in on a little secret: “I’m now talking to the orchestras about doing a national tour next year.” Our fingers and toes are forcibly crossed for a gorgeous summer show in our own Botanic Garden.

Having decamped from Sydney to Melbourne for “a lovely woman,” Lior does miss some of the things that make this town so great. “I miss the water. There’s something about living near the edge of the world. I think I probably have a lot of nervous energy floating inside me due to the fact that I’m ambitious and I have a fire in me and I think living near the ocean is a good balance for me – it’s a calming influence in my life” he confesses.

Tumbling into the Dawn is available now on iTunes and all the usual outlets. Lior’s tour hits Sydney on Saturday night at The Metro. Tickets are just $35 and can be purchased on The Metro’s website,
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words: Kristen Hodges


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