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Green Eyes

Oh she’s beautiful
Oh she’s beautiful
I ache for her and her alone
Entranced by possibility
Until, naked
‘What if’ becomes ‘what has’
And it dawns upon me
That I am not sensual,
Not romantic,
But young.

And restless always
Like she in her sleep and I
In my dreams of she in her
Sometimes, one prays for blindess
In theory, not practise
Perhaps the only
Way to stop these green eyes gouging,
Gorging, on the gorgeous.

These are dangerous ideas
Because they are honest, sparking
In the haze, the daze of
Somewhere around 3AM.
And restless always,
Mind open for late night trading,
Everything must go.
She sleeps,
She dreams,
I think.

Oh she’s beautiful
A vision, really.
Everyone knows it.
They talk about you two, to you two,
The two of you, who are not actually two
But not at the same time;
Ah, but to daydream at night
And sleepwalk days.

And it dawns upon me
As dawn is upon me
That she is not like her.
Our pair would not make a safe hand,
Not matter how attractive
From the outset.
We would lose all
Of our chips, when
‘What if’ becomes ‘what has’

Her blue eyes are closed, and
Cannot see my brown eyes
Enraptured, entranced by
The one with the green eyes.
She is asleep and I am awake and now
My eyes, too, are green.

words: Jonno Seidler photo: Nikki Kaplan


October 20, 2010 at 8:22 AM Dr Ray Seidler said...

Fantastic evocative piece. Tkes me back to my youth. More please!


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