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Down the Coast

We watch the thunderclouds roll in,
the tide go out,
the winds pick up,
the slow drip of the sun go down.

Sand whips across our shins.
We are idle, indulgent and at ease.
Birds come to scavenge and scrap,
watch with greedy envy the bread,
fish, onions, oil, and our greasy fingers after them
disappear into our mouths.

We are quiet mostly.
Speak in light kisses, fingertips on bare skin.
Our gentle words never say much,
"Have you-?" "Will we-?" "I think-"
We discover what we don't need -
long conversations, reception, cheese.

No plans are ruined when the rain comes in,
for none were ever made.
At night we watch each other speak,
eyes glued to lips and secret, knowing smiles.

We live through our eyes, tongues and feet,
feel new winds and find old memories.
Forget a lot, remember more,
down the coast.

words: Kathleen Warren


October 22, 2010 at 3:46 PM Bridgit said...

this is a beautiful poem

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