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Festival Food for All

As food loving, spice savvy Sydneysiders - with crushes on sun drenched afternoon picnics - we feel that the Crave Sydney International Food Festival is a rather splendid event. The month long celebration of uber-chic flavours is set to reveal just how delectable our noodles, markets and waterways can be. To simplify the Crave menu, we’ve picked out a few events that are definitely worth digesting.

Sydney Harbour Island Hopping celebrates Shark, Clark and Goat Island’s aromatic entertaining potential. Running each Sunday from October 9 to 24, the event is about shedding light on Sydney’s history, culture and culinary inspirations. For a more indulgent Harbour view, there’s also Dining on Fort Denison.

• The much-loved Hyde Park Night Noodle Markets from October 11 to 15 and 18 to 22 is also not to be missed. Here the aroma of stir-fried noodles and salt-and-pepper squid will be artistically complemented by elegant light instillations and a soy infused crowd.

• Throughout the festival keep an eye out for Pop Up Dinners in various hideaway kitchens and Sugar Hit, special late night dessert platters offered at Sydney’s finest hotels and restaurants. On October 10, Eat Street Sunday, which showcases Parramatta’s talented foodies, as well as Breakfast on the Bridge are sure to result in blissful bouts of overindulgence.

words: Liz Schaffer


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