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Rock N Roll Goss: Tony Mott @ Blender

If you’ve ever dressed up as a rockstar and screeched out the lyrics to your favourite song while dancing wildly around your room, or, for the more modest types, if you’ve ever been to a live music show and just happen to like awesome photos, then Tony Mott is a man that should most definitely be on your radar. Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography Is The New Trainspotting - A Retrospective of Work from the Last 30 Years by Tony Mott is the name of both the exhibition currently being held at Blender Gallery in Paddington and the incredible newly-released book that goes beyond the viewfinder.

Mott has been taking photos of iconic musicians for over 30 years and his touring resume reads like a festival line-up from the gods. It includes the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac, Silverchair and Bob Dylan - and don't forget he is the official tour photographer for that little known travelling affair, Big Day Out.

Unsurprisingly, his images have been on over 450 albums covers and more than 700 magazines, career stats that embed a history book of stories - some of which you may well be able to hear this Saturday, if you're lucky and he feels like it. He's going to be doing a book signing at Blender from 1pm, followed by a floor talk at 2pm. Rock N Roll Goss may never be so close again.

words: Jacinta Heath


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