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Our Lush Concrete Garden: Sydney Architecture Festival

A concrete jungle is only as pretty as its concrete trees, and Sydney isn't called one of the most beautiful cities in the world for nothing. If you've ever wondered about the stories behind the tinted glass windows, this one's for you - the Sydney Architecture Festival has officially begun as of today. Running through to November 7, the festival features more than 70 talks, tours, open-houses, film nights and exhibitions, all of which provide intriguing insight into the built environment that surrounds us. Some of the highlights include an exhibition entitled "The Shape of Things to Come: Sydney in 2030" at the Customs House, a talk on "The Life and Death of Public Architecture" at Sydney Uni and a tour of Ballast Park. Sigh. It's all a design nerd's dream. (In case there was any doubt, that is SO us.) More details on the website.


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