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Where Marketing Meets Art

Marketing may be all about selling a brand, but great marketing tends to make you forget about the pitch and instead turns your focus to the art of the concept. Bonds did just that when it teamed with Vice Magazine to host a photographic exhibition, made2share, to promote its new range. We'll be honest - we're not so much concerned with the details as the work of the artists involved, including two of our favourite image makers: Cybele Malinowski and Daniel Boud. Along with filmmaker Ben Briand and his partner Brenda Harvey, Alpha 60 designers and siblings, Alex and Georgie Cleary, Melbourne artists Pat Foster and Jen Berean, Melbourne based filmmaker Chris Hill and fashion designer Stephanie Downey plus musicians Tim Harvey and Lani Sommer, Cybele and Dan were invited to shoot each other wearing the same outfit. It sounds a bit strange, but the two lovebirds and seriously amazing photographers used the opportunity to create yet another set of pretty pictures. We like them.


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