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Silver Conscience

Committed to creating jewellery with a conscience as well as pushing boundaries with design, creative collective Ten More Girls is fusing the divide between style and social activism. A creative collective of ten ladies who were determined to continue nurturing their chosen medium and philosophy upon graduation from Enmore’s Design Centre, Ten More Girls makes jewellery and holds exhibitions every year, with the next one on this Thursday at Gaffa Gallery. By implementing worldly themes into their collections and using surprisingly wearable materials, the products are both innovative and distinctive, whilst simultaneously bringing attention to matters that are perhaps more important than aesthetics.

Last year’s exhibition, Girls Against Gold, sought to bring attention to the rising and unaffordable price of gold. Found objects, recycled materials, silver and bone proved that there is much more to jewellery than diamond encrusted engagement rings. This year, the ten girls are back and exploring issues such as globalisation, international politics, the environment and human rights. Their upcoming exhibition, Girls Around The World will showcase their interpretation of such issues in the form of wearable art. Natasha Marcus-Taylor, one of the members of the collective, says that everything from paper to fabric and found objects collected from their journeys have been used in the design process. Each unique piece will be available to purchase, with 5% of all proceeds being donated to Breast Cancer Australia.

The exhibition is on from 6pm to 8pm this Thursday, September 9 at Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney. The exhibition runs until September 20.

words: Tricha Tippapart


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