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In THEIR Mind: Richard in your Mind

As far as band names go, ‘Richard In Your Mind’ is pretty creepy and a little bit weird, but the Sydney five piece couldn’t have chosen a more apt, albeit obscure title. Reminiscent of a bohemian counter culture of times past and beyond, their latest album, My Volcano is fantastically outrageous, spanning a vast breath of genres and myriad of influences. While taking over our mind, the band has simultaneously spent the past year taking over the country with their psychedelic rock and sun kissed sing-a-longs fizzing with good vibrations and fun, fun, fun.

Of the supremely talented circle of which Richard In Your Mind are comprised, Side Street, Sydney recently sat down and bonded via the power of email with front man Richard Cartwright, hitting him with a few questions we hoped were a little different than what he would normally be faced with by the endless sea of media. Did we emerge with insight and illuminating quotes? Well, not quite. Gentle readers, consider yourselves warned.

Describe Richard In Your Mind in 25 words or less. Vulgarity not only tolerated but encouraged.
Five wholesome dudes on snarp dimps dreaming of a sningus.

Seeing as you are more successful/better looking/endlessly more sociable than me, I thought it would be a great idea for you to go ahead and share your daily affirmation with everyone.
I promise to myself that today will be the day that no other shall surpass. Kiss hot bodymilk in the John dipole ratpsy, naked is my body poem. [read: these are either words of the wise or incoherent ramblings. Take note at your discretion.]

I drink out of the same water bottle a lot, and when it gets close to empty I just dump out what’s left and refill it. But I still worry about backwash. How much saliva do you expect I’m consuming on a daily basis?
I'd be much more worried about what your housemate is doing in your milk.

Gaga covered in slabs of meat or Gaga with a lobster on her head?
Gaga at school saying “You watch, I'll be famous for SOMETHING one day!” to herself in the debate room.

50 Cent’s Twitter account vs Kanye West’s Twitter account. Discuss.
Good question. I personally have hated both of these men for a very long time; their blind arrogance really wore my skin thin. In the 'they're such a dead-shit that they're funny' race, 50 Cent used to win. But since Twitter, Kanye has unveiled himself to be a narcissistic puppy dog who just wants to be loved, whereas 50 Cent is a horrid misogynistic homophobic monster. They’re both entertaining in their own way but I now like Kanye and loathe 50 Cent even more. Thanks Eminem for making the world’s biggest fuckwit rich and famous.

What’s with boys and commitment?
I know, right? *wink*

In a choreographed WWE fight between Richard In Your Mind, Seekae, Shady Lane and Talons, who would win and how?
SPOD, because it's just like that.

You’re stranded in the jungle with your fellow band members. After a long and enduring 12 hours without food/beers/babez you resort to cannibalism. Who goes? Who stays? Who’s the most resource efficient? Who has the meatiest flesh?
We'd all just elevate up to a blob cloud and play doodle jump.

Are there any super secret surprises in store for Changing Lanes this Sunday? Bonus points if there are water pistols and/or dancers involved.
Yep, including Richard being lonely on his little guitar while the rest of the band hugs. The real surprises stop being surprises when shared, ya dingus!

Richard In Your Mind are one of the many talented musicians playing at Changing Lanes festival this Sunday. Presented by FBi Radio and MAPS Entertainment, the festival spans the Courthouse Hotel, Zanzibar and Newtown’s Eliza Street. Tickets are officially sold out however for the lucky few that got in early, you can catch Richard In Your Mind playing at 12.30pm.

interview: Jacinda Fermanis


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