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Dark Living Rooms: Bridezilla

Intriguing local performers Bridezilla are playing this weekend’s Changing Lane’s Festival in Newtown. In between bites of a reportedly very tasty Thai chicken salad, the group’s guitarist, Pia May, dished some of the latest goss on her band.

Bridezilla has an enigmatic sound, running the gamut from spooky to peaceful and powerful to complex all at the same time. Their debut album, The First Dance, was released late last year to critical praise. “It’s an evolving thing. It started off as jazz-folk-pop-rock and now I think we’re getting a bit RnB maybe… [We’ll be collaborating with] Kanye West hopefully,” Pia jokes.

Getting an album to the metaphorical presses is never an easy thing, particularly when you don’t have buckets of cash to throw around. “A lot of the time, the most difficult thing is just finding somewhere to do [the writing],” Pia says. “Where you end up writing has such a huge impact on the music you make. We’ve rehearsed for so long in dinghy dark living rooms.”

Forming out of a high school experience at Newtown’s School of the Performing Arts, Bridezilla quickly found their place and a place on stage with bands like Wilco, Cold War Kids, The Drones and Stephen Malkmus. Pia is surprisingly laid back about their achievements. She muses: “We are just some young kids who decided to make music. We’ve been pretty lucky.” No kidding. Following last year’s successful stint at the Sydney All-Tomorrow’s Parties festival curated by Nick Cave, earlier this year Bridezilla were added to the bill for the New York edition, curated by The Flaming Lips. From Pia’s perspective it was one of the most exciting things to happen to the band to date: “It was so much fun. It was like watching five of your favourite bands all in one place.”

As a born and bred Sydney-sider, Pia confesses a well-entrenched love for East Sydney Italian stalwart Bill & Tony’s. This unpretentious classic is Pia’s home away from home: “The cordial is really good, downstairs coffee is great. I’ve been going there all my life and I’ve lived around the corner for about 13 years. I was there every day pretty much getting a hot chocolate and now I get coffee. I’ve grown up with it. It’s a Sydney institution,” she recalls.

Catch them this Sunday at the Changing Lanes event in Eliza Street, Newtown as part of the inaugural Sydney Fringe Festival, alongside Tame Impala, Bag Raiders, Purple Sneakers, Red Riders, Jinja Safari and Spit Syndicate (and MANY more, not to mention a host of artists including Max Berry & Ears). Tickets can be purchased from Moshtix from $28.

If you can’t make it this weekend, Bridezilla is smack bang in the middle of recording their next album. When’s it going to be out? Not as soon as we’d like, sadly. “It’s probably 6 months or more,” Pia tells us. “The songs are all there but all the industry bullshit has to happen.” At least its on its way.

words: Kristen Hodges


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