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The Second Project.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I have been neglecting Side Street Sydney.

I feel really bad about it, not so much for Side Street (I think it has been coping just fine without my words, thanks to the lovely writers who so generously contribute to this site) but more so for ME, sob sob. I started Side Street because I love nothing more than writing and interviewing. However, after a stint at a newspaper and another one at a magazine, I decided I wanted to do it on my own terms; for passion, not money. Side Street began after the newspaper and before the magazine, and a few months ago, more so than ever, I decided I could never be happy writing for someone else’s vision. Words are butchered, ideas become suctioned and all too often, you have to deal with unappreciative bosses in an underpaid position. That’s just my opinion of course, one which has been formed out of a couple of bad experiences and a serious aversion to authority. Thank GOD not everyone is like me.
And so I decided to start an online store, which I named Final Episode. Writing will always be my first passion, but design, as you all are likely to know by now, follows closely behind it. I guess I just don’t want my bread and butter to rely on something I cherish so much (words) and could potentially end up dissatisfied with.

Over the past few months (this winter has sucked balls.), I have had to devote my full attention to Final Episode, which goes live in exactly one week’s time. Queue panic attack. The idea behind Final Episode began around the same time as Side Street Sydney, but it just took a hell of a lot longer to become realised. There are many reasons for this, but I suppose the gist of it is that whenever you deal with money, monkeys surround you with hand grenades, and you have to attempt to bypass them with nothing but a water bottle and a banana or two. Luckily I made it out alive, and, miraculously, so has my business.

Forming Final Episode has been seriously fun, from sourcing the labels (the Opening Ceremony showroom in New York is like, the happiest place on earth) to collaborating on the launch concept (which includes an exhibition by my absolute favourite Sydney creatives – Canvas Group, Ben Frost, Lyn & Tony and Jonathan Zawada, with some styling from my lovely friend Maia Liakos) to working on the special concept zine, which will go out with the packaging. It has also been ENORMOUSLY stressful, and definitely the most difficult thing I have ever done. They don’t call it blood, sweat and tears for nothing. I feel as though I have aged 10 years since September 2009, and I probably look like I have, too, which really just makes me kind of sad.

my hometown/favourite page from the zine

Over the next few weeks I am going to be profiling some of the amazing people who have worked on this brand with me, not because I have to but because I really, really want to. As someone with a small budget and a big project, coming across them has been a total blessing, and it has made me even more thankful to live in a city with not only amazing talent, but beautiful people who possess it. Most notably the freakishly talented Canvas Group, who developed all the branding for the store and have been absolutely gorgeous to work with. It’s one thing to be good at what you do, but it’s another entirely to be generous and lovely on top of it. If I could marry a design studio, Canvas Group and I would be walking down the aisle in the very near future. And you’d all be invited.

Sadly the union between same sex couples isn’t even recognised, so I doubt this one would be. The closest it can come to is the launch party for Final Episode, which is on next Thursday at aMBUSH Gallery in Waterloo. I know I’m maybe a bit biased, but it’s going to be seriously awesome. There’s like, no other option.
I hope to see you there. Again, I’m the brown girl, this time with more wrinkles.
You can RSVP via the Facebook page, and please become a fan of Final Episode while you're on that timesucking progam. I mean social networking site.

Please also keep your eyes out for next Monday (that’s the 27th). I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have a glass of bubbly at the ready the second we click “LIVE”. Even if it is 9am. You can find me passed out on the corner of Relief and Exaltation by noon.
And then the week after the launch party, I am going to find someone I admire and interview the shit out of them.

Big hugs,
Seema x


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