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Ears Alone

Local artist Ears is a favourite of us here at Side Street Sydney HQ and we are positively enthusing with over-enthusiastic enthusiasm about his upcoming solo show, entitled War Paint. The exhibition will present the work he has been beavering away at, which the man himself tells us is “the tightest and most cohesive body of work I’ve made to date. It was painted in a short space of time under pressure, and is more dramatic and vibrant than what I usually do”. Well, colour us intrigued. He continues, “I am taking elements of a pop art (Ben Frost inspired) approach to colour and combining it with the softer warm tones I fall naturally into.”

Expanding on his current responsibilities at Oh Really Magazine and Gallery (does this guy not have enough to do?), Ears has surrounded himself with local stable mates Beastman, Phibs and Ben Frost (and many more) at new studio The Wasteland. By all reckoning, this cohabitation is proving to be a fruitful artistic hub where the varying styles of these painters are inspiring fresh approaches.

The War Paint exhibition reflects a turbulent year for the talented artist. “I have had some personal struggles with my health this year and under stress and sadness I usually grow artistically the most”, he says. Like many who have come before him, the personal challenges have brought a fire to Ears’ creative chops. “I feel the dark nature of this show and the potency of the work is a result, and I hope to shock people a little with it”, he reveals. If you can call beautiful, shocking then I guess that’s true. It’s less earthy blacks and more tomato red & Yves Klein blue. The guy who painted stuff in the 60s, not the band.

If you can’t make it to War Paint, keep an eye out on Ears’ website. Every now and then he has an Open Studio day where he will be painting and giving away cardboard paintings to anyone who asks nicely. Yep, you heard right. For free. Nada. Zilch. Zero dollars.

War Paint is one night only, tomorrow, Saturday September 11 at Lo Fi Bar in Darlinghurst from 6pm. It’s gonna be packed punters, so get there early or you will miss out.

Lo Fi Bar
383 Bourke St (Taylor Square)

words: Kristen Hodges


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