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Spring in the Eye

If you can’t exactly feel the spring in the air just yet, head down to Object Gallery in Surry Hills – it won’t warm you up, but it will provide some pretty things to stare at whilst sheltering you from the cold. The design-devoted centre has recently begun its Spring Series 2010, which includes a pretty wide range of exhibitions, talks and events centred around all things awesome and good looking. We’ll keep you posted as they arise (we’re especially looking forward to “The Engine Room” on October 8, when the public is invited to visit some of Sydney’s coolest design studios, including Side Street Sydney favourite Canvas Group), but for now, there are a couple exhibitions definitely worth checking out. We’re keen on “Big: Sydney’s Small Studios”, which has captured the daily worskspaces of this city’s best little creative spaces, and “Blue”, an exhibition in which nine artmakers were invited to create a piece in response to familiar ‘blue’ phrases, such as “this crappy weather is making me feel blue”. Maybe not exactly, but similar. This weekend, “ride-on-dinner” will lead a bunch of foodie bike-riders on an “urban meal adventure”. Mmm, sounds interesting. Check out the website for full event details.


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