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Sometimes, print is better.

Don’t you miss snail mail? Postcards, invitations, love letters from soldiers afar? Hell, even engagements are discovered via Facebook these days (with the help of our ever so exciting news feed).
It’s lame.
And so when we here at Side Street, Sydney opened up our mailbox and found a PRINT magazine that’s seriously pretty, we were pretty stoked. It’s called Sometimes and it’s from the guys behind Somedays, that awesome store slash gallery in Surry Hills. Creatively directed by James Kape and edited by Michael Walker, the cleanly designed pages feature interviews with Tin & Ed and other very fabulous people, market shots and even a short city guide to this city so fine. And the best part?
It smells like paper.

Grab a copy at Somedays some day soon.
(we couldn't help ourselves)


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