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Have Meat, Will Drink Red Wine: Boca

It seems in recent times, South American food has been the cuisine du jour in Sydney, with restaurants popping up all over the place. Knowing that this cuisine focuses on meat, meat and more meat, it wasn’t a hard sell to get my man Junior to agree to dinner at Boca, an Argentinean restaurant in Darlinghurst.

As you walk into the restaurant, you are immediately hit with the sights and smells of different cuts of meat being cooked on the parrilla, which is enough to make any grown man’s eyes water. The decor is a celebration of all things Argentinean, namely Diego Maradona, sport, wine and beautiful women. There are some great shots of Maradona channelling his inner pimp, complete with white fur coat, blingtastic rings whilst smoking a fat cigar with a knowing smile. Even though the dining room is full of chatter from neighbouring tables, it adds to the vibrant atmosphere. The floor staff are cheerful and ever-so-helpful with discussing anything on the menu, and nothing is ever too much trouble – even when the whole room is heaving with demanding diners.

Have Meat, Will Drink Red Wine – and Boca has a tidy but impressive selection of Argentinean wine on their menu. Malbec is a wine varietal you don’t come across very often but it is synonymous with Argentina so it’s almost a given that you should order a bottle with your dinner. Unsurprisingly, meat features heavily on the menu, so we decided to share a meat platter or parrillada between us. The parrilladas come with two sauces as an accompaniment and a salad of your choice. With the meat feast upon us, there was no way we felt a leafy, green salad was going to be able to stand up to it, so we went with the Papas a la Provenzal, which is essentially French fries lavished in a garlic, parsley and vinegar dressing.

Our parrillada was devoured in record time – the meat was cooked beautifully and considering it’s made with pretty much just salt for seasoning, it was incredibly flavoursome. We were suitably sated and thanking our lucky stars we didn’t attempt an entrĂ©e as well.

Boca Argentinean Grill is obviously one restaurant where our vegetarian friends miss out. However, for hardened carnivores and those on the Atkins diet alike, this place is their meat Mecca.
Boca Argentinean Grill 308-310 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst 2010 Phone: (02) 332 3373

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words: Mireille Lam


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