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Sex on Fire

So you think you can dance? Catch the Tango Inferno performance at the State Theatre tonight or tomorrow and you may not be so sure anymore. Straight from the sexy city of Buenos Aires, the cast perform a graceful set of acrobatics in which the dancers’ bodies seem to be playing against one another in a game of seduction that neither party wins. Like a kaleidoscope of movement, it’s a positively mesmerising spectacle – with the cast themselves a feast for the eyes on their own. Complete with a musical ensemble and a solo singer, Tango Inferno is a true Latin experience – and sometimes, it’s awfully nice to catch a bit of culture that is so distinct from the one you’re living in.

Tango Inferno is only here for a tiny stint, so cancel your plans and book your tickets through Ticketmaster. You won’t regret it. Unless of course you think you can Tango. Then maybe this show will make you feel a little bad.


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