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Don’t you hate it when your favourite pair of shoes go out of stock, never to be seen again – and you didn’t get a chance to buy them? It’s long been a devastating incidence for fashion-lovers everywhere, who, upon entering a new season, often run out of money long before their hearts run out of longing. When they do manage to recoup their funds, they’ll spend hours trawling eBay looking for the long-lost style, willing to buy it even if it comes tattered, worn and smelly, but such a search is rarely marked with success.

Sadness ensues.

But.. not in the case of Tristan Blair! The designer we profiled just a short while ago has opened up an online store that is packed to the brim with past season favourites, including the hot leopard booties shown above. Now that we’ve unleashed the secret, we’re sure they won’t last too long, but even if we save just one shoe-lover a bit of heartache.... we’ll consider ourselves effective.


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