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The correct way to blow up sheep.

Four Lions is a pretty strange film. It exposes the humour in the unfathomable world of modern extremism in a way even Team America never could, while offering up some rather out-of-this-world acting and useless anti-surveillance techniques.

The film, the first feature to come from infamously funny Brass Eye creator Chris Morris, follows the plight of the disillusioned Omar (played to elegant and endearing perfection by Oxford graduate Riz Ahmed) and his motley crew of dangerously slow jihadis. By the time Islamic convert Barry (Nigel Lindsay), who joined the cell to channel his nihilism, instructs his clueless comrades to eat their SIM cards, you know comedy is the driving force behind this unconventional gem. Omar’s disastrous inability to handle a bazooka, kamikaze crows and horrific rap battles further prove this point.

However, it’s impossible to forget that these boys aim to blow up Boots, or the Internet, or the London marathon. In the hands of any other director this could be a highly dangerous piece of work, but Morris’s honest humour simply forces us to question the modern view of terrorism (and all that goes with it) in a ridiculously entertaining way. So, you can almost forgive him for blowing up a sheep. Almost.

Four Lions opens in cinemas this Thursday.

words: Liz Schaffer


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