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Well. That kicked ass.

Oh, the morning after. Some of us may not have realised that free drinks add up exactly the same as those you have to pay for, and so ended up getting a wee carried away. Woops. While today may not be so enjoyable, last night certainly was! Thank you so much to everyone who came and showed support for our project - we wouldn't be anything without you! The night was a massive success with both the turnout and sales for the lovely Lisa, which made us feel that all the love, sweat and tears we have put into this website has been completely worth it. Big love xx

Special shout-outs definitely go to Justin & Nathan at Dialogue PR, who offered us the space and were our lovely partners for the night. Also thank you to our friends at frankie, Pages Online, Kluster & Oyster for mentioning our little event - we appreciate it so much! And of course, thank you Lisa... our super talented photographer who we are so lucky to call our own.

For those of you who couldn't make it last night, we'll still let you buy prints! We believe in giving. Head to the Stairwell Gallery blog for prices and info on how to buy. We'll definitely be doing this again, but until next time... here are some snaps to remember. The first one is of Seema, Justin from Dialogue & Lisa, because we're aware that maybe telling you to look for the brown and Asian girls wasn't all that descriptive. Now you know who to hurl obscenities at.

Lots of love,
The Team @ Side Street, Sydney xx


July 12, 2010 at 9:45 AM raul a. said...

sorry i couldnt fly in for it. one word for the next event: webcast.

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