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Experimental Friday: Sound Series

Sound Series is a monthly evening of music, sound and installation in the coolly appealing Hardware Gallery in Enmore. Tucked away in the quieter end of the suburb, the gallery puts on a sound experience that is somehow heightened by the intriguing art that surrounds its visitors.

The gallery has a strong tradition of music appreciation. When owner Lew Palaitis’ vinyl collection topped the ten thousand mark, he knew it was time to share the love. He gladly waved goodbye to his office tucked away in one corner of the gallery (who needs to do paperwork anyway?) and turned it into a gloriously cosy listening room and vinyl store, simply called The Record Room.

Lew explains that “the idea was always in the back of my mind that this venue was really good for the performance side of things”, and then a couple of short years later one of Lew’s assistants, Romy, suggested that her connections in the experimental music world could make for some very interesting Friday nights. Lew’s background in the 90s underground rave scene lent him an appreciation for the amazing experiences that can be had outside the confines of traditional venues, so he jumped at the idea. “She came to me with a proposal and essentially gave me a roster of [music] artists”, Lew recalls. “She put together a really thorough plan.”

The very first Sound Series was a huge success, which has continued with the event’s progression. “It has a life of it’s own now… and we’ve booked in dates for the rest of the year,” Lew says. It hasn’t been without its challenges of course – at 11am one Friday morning Lew had to pack up around 5000 records to make room for punters at that evening’s Sound Series. Guess what had to be unpacked before 9am the next morning?

The performers aren’t limited to music; video projection and other digital accompaniments lend a hand also. For the audience this means a truly immersive experience, engaging the eye, the ear and the tastebuds – courtesy of a glass of wine, or two.

This month, the fifth in the series will see video harpist Pia Van Gelder, ambient electronic musicians Seaworthy and Afxjimm, and “Over/under caffeinated lullaby” performer Tired Hands take the floor. One can only wonder. And enjoy.

Tickets are $10 at the door and drinks are free, although the kindness of a donation towards the bar is alwyas appreciated.

Sound Series #5 is on tonight from 7:30pm.

Hardware Gallery
263 Enmore Road, Enmore

words: Kristen Hodges


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