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Too many side projects, not enough real projects.
Too many synthesisers, not enough Stratocasters.
Too many backpack rappers, not enough strapped-up rappers.
Too much posing, not enough disclosing.
Too many guitars as props, not enough guitars - props.

Too much marketing, not enough fighting.
Too many media stunts, not enough media hunts.
Too many American Idols, not enough American idols.
Too many 808s, not enough drums and bass.
Too much Simon Cowell, not enough scream and howl.

Too many bleeding hearts, not enough balls and smarts.
Too many groomed and primped, not enough out of print.
Too many artists 'featuring', not enough Artists, featuring.
Too many club bangers, not enough passionate anger.

Too many fake machines, not enough rage against the Machine.

words: Jonno Seidler
photo: Hobo


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