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Unavoidable Creativity: Estelle

Creativity is far from something that can be contrived – it is either innate or it isn’t, and for those that it resides within, it will always find a way of making itself known. For fashion industry veteran Michelle Perrett, it has manifested itself into many avenues, including styling, buying, and, interspersed through the years, designing, an area that she has been recently inevitably lured back to. And so she has launched Estelle, a label that is marked by a classic simplicity and a return to fashion that is based on elegance and subtlety rather than trend.

In Estelle’s Autumn Winter 2010 collection, basic pieces are elevated with flattering shapes and high-quality fabrics, sheer tops conjure endless options for layering and a black, navy, grey and white colour palette brings function back into style. When asking Michelle about her inspiration behind the range, she doesn’t try to manufacture some long forgotten movie title or historic movement – like her clothes themselves, she puts it simply, citing nature as her biggest influence.

“My creative process doesn't come from the books I read or the movies I see; it's more about being still and being around nature. It allows ideas to come so easily, whether it's designing or anything else. Music inspires me, lying in a park, looking up at massive trees… nature always inspires me. It floods me with ideas. It may sound weird to some, but it’s true. I also have a creative space full of my favourite images where I love to spend time.”

Her authentic outlook surpasses her creative process and is responsible for the way she views life in general, so her experience in the fashion industry has been one that is both holistic and unaffected. If the industry triggers any sense of recognition in its participants, Michelle seems to have successfully shoved such noise away from her and instead focused on what she loves about fashion.

“I had been travelling around Asia for six months when I was 20, staying in incredible towns and seeing the most inspiring things. I was full of ideas and creativity that I needed to channel into something... my first swimwear collection was the manifestation of those ideas,” she explains.
“So I started my first swimwear and clothing company quite a while ago with my best friend. As we both started families and going through different stages of our lives, we began exploring different design ventures that were relevant to us at that point in time. We designed swimwear, clothing, childrenswear, textiles, interiors – even stationery. We had creative license to work on whatever we wanted to. We loved it.”

In terms of conceptualising her creativity, Michelle indicates that she has always stayed true to her vision. She has done once again with Estelle, which she started because she wanted to “create something that is easy to wear, a select offering of styles that are simple with an edge, and transeasonal styles that can be worn throughout the year - Australian seasons are amazing like that.” With minimalism at its essence, Estelle is a label that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

You can purchase Estelle at its online store.

words: Seema Duggal


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