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The New Local: fouratefive

Just when you thought Surry Hills could do without another cool, understated cafe for local hipsters, along came fouratefive. Having heard so much about their famous Pulled Pork Sandwich on sourdough, I headed there for a mid week lunch to see what the fuss was all about and boy, did it live up to expectation.

This simple sandwich delivers bags of flavour. The melt in your mouth pork was perfectly complemented by apple and tomato chutney, cucumber, aioli and peppery rocket. It was so moreish in fact that I almost ordered another one immediately after my first bite. I chose to leave room for dessert instead and with the selection of Adriano Zumbo pastries on offer, I’m glad I did. The Single Origin coffee was made to perfection and I was already planning my next visit before I paid.

And return I did on the following weekend, to see if the breakfast menu would live up my first impressions. Junior and I were lucky to nab a table outside as we had puppy in tow because about two minutes after we arrived, a huge queue appeared. Despite there being a cafe right next door and another across the road, these punters were willing to wait. Such is the power of fouratefive’s allure.

My Moroccan baked eggs with a rich tomato sauce topped with almonds and labna was a taste sensation; I just wish they served it with more bread so I could mop up every last morsel. Junior’s homemade creamed corn with perfectly poached eggs and bacon on sourdough toast was hearty and delicious.

Whatever that special kind of something is, fouratefive has got it in spades. Friendly staff, laid back, relaxed vibe, The Beatles playing overhead and simple, scrumptious fare. There is something for everyone on the menu, including tasty vegetarian options, salads, burgers, hand cut fries and homemade pies baked to order.

Local cafes, be warned: this one is a major player.

485 Crown Street, Surry Hills

words: Mireille Lam


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