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The Friendly Local: Corridor

Newtown has, until now, had a dearth of cool bars; the sort of places the locals actually WANT to frequent. Luckily, newcomer Corridor brings that something that was missing. You might call it “indie aesthetic”; it’s a bit lo-fi and the music is all skinny black jeans and Karen O. Frankly, it’s hipster heaven.

It is, as its name indicates, a whippet-thin bar. There’s not a lot of room but they manage to squeeze in just the right amount of people without forcing you to wallow in some floppy haired shoegazer’s unwashed pits. Whether you want to watch the flotsam and jetsam of King Street’s Friday night crowds go by, seclude yourself with your mates in a corner or cool off on the outdoor deck, there’s a sweet spot for whatever takes your fancy. Just don’t be late, because on weekends, it’s pretty well full by 8.

There is pub food on offer – a nice bit of salmon, some crunchy white bait, a fat hunk of steak – so the usual fare with a few surprising touches here and there. Perfect for the vibe; it’s not too fussy and yet it’s pleasantly satisfying. On the booze front, there’s a wine list that covers the necessary grapes without making you think too hard, a cocktail list that has both old school favourites and fresh takes to try, and for the beer lovers there is a generous selection of appropriately boutique brews and cheapies.

What makes Corridor the sort of place you want to come back to isn’t it’s wine list, it’s food or the fact that it’s so right now, spot on though that all may be. What makes this place sing is it’s bar staff. They are brilliantly relaxed and chatty. They have a way of greeting you that makes you honestly believe they remember you from last time, with complete sincerity and without any hint of self-consciousness. That’s the magic of this place. And that’s why Corridor will continue to build a retinue of faithful regulars.

Corridor is up the city end of King Street, near Missendon Road. It’s easy to miss as she’s one scrawny number, but keep your eyes peeled for Mag Nation next door and you’ll find this Newtown gem without a problem.

Open Monday to Saturday until midnight and Sunday until 10pm.
$9 mojitos between 5 and 7 every day.

words: Kristen Hodges
photos: Matt Hodges


May 14, 2010 at 4:04 PM kate said...

kristen, you've really made me want to try this place. good words (plus, it's up the road from home)

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