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Fashion's Digital Masters: Pages Online

If print really is dead, then Pages Online is fashion’s reincarnation. It is the webzine for people who love magazines, and clicking through its pages of some of the most creatively liberated fashion editorial in the country makes the longing for the scent of paper subside a little. Created more than six years ago, Pages was a vision well before online became the norm, and it set the benchmark for every fashion publication attempting to compete in the digital domain. Showcasing high fashion at its most desired, Pages Online has proved that expensive taste has no viewing boundaries.

Side Street sat down with Pages’ market editor, Lucinda Constable, to find out a little more about the shoes behind the mag.

How did Pages Online begin?

Pages Online began from a desire by our Managing Director, Marnie Neck, to create something new and innovative in the realm of fashion and music. Something a bit different to the norm in publishing.

When was it created?

Pages Online was launched in January 2004, however in 2008 Pagesdigital was established to cater to the company’s growth and its expanding magazine titles.

Why was it started?

It was started as an online publication in order to fully utilise the wonders of the internet. At the time, the notion of an online magazine was extremely rare, and practically non existent in Australia. The format of virtual page turning was new and exciting to the viewer. The possibilities were endless.

Putting it down to words, what would you say is the vision for the magazine?

With each and every issue we try to be innovative and fashion forward, showcasing a range of national and international designers. Whilst it is primarily fashion focused, we try to appeal to a wider audience by including art, photography, music etc. We also like to encourage our readers to contribute their work across these mediums. We really just want to talk about everything new, great and fun that’s happening all over the world

How do you ensure it stands above the rest?

The online factor is a huge benefit to us. It allows the magazine and the reader to become very interactive, with click through links all throughout the features for further information. This also allows for direct links to buying the products featured, which is very handy (or dangerous!). We pride ourselves on finding the newest of new up and comers, and doing a lot of research into such things.

What are both of your backgrounds in the industry (and how did you break into it?)?

Ryan studied fashion design at UTS and then progressed into the buying side of things. He started off at Robbie Ingham, and then moved on to the Belinda group. Ryan wanted to try the whole styling thing so moved into that area for Summer Winter. The rest as they say, is history. I also studied fashion design, at East Sydney TAFE, completing work experience at sooo many places, including Cosmopolitan, Akira, Fashion Assassin and Romance Was Born. After graduation I took a hiatus to Paris to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Styling won, and I started assisting some great Sydney stylists. After starting at Pages, journalism is becoming more of a focus.

What are you both influenced by?

Ryan is influenced by bad taste, Miuccia Prada and food. I am also influenced by food, and it occupies a lot of our time. Planning, doing, reflecting. You know. But seriously, we both like to see new and innovative things happening in the fashion world, and get inspired by amazing shoes (Ryan a kitten heel, Me a huge pump), capes and stupid headwear.

What is the most difficult part about being on a magazine?

Hmmm I guess all the usual stuff applies… deadlines, heavy work load, research, research, research! There is always a new and exciting story to be uncovered and the months just revolve so quickly!

What have been some of the most memorable moments on the job?

We have a lot of fun in the office, constantly finding hilarious things on the internet, going on numerous press showings, eating, planning shoots. All part of a days work! It’s important to be able to share a good laugh with your colleagues. Trips to Bourke Street Bakery and the ‘dropped pie incident of 2009’ have been highlights for sure. Ha! In all honesty, it’s great to see all your hard work evolving into something you are proud of, and being broadcast to thousands of people.

Where do you see Pages Online evolving in the future?

Well with the ever expanding possibilities of online media, who knows! It would be great to see more magazine titles in diversified fields, and perhaps even different editions in different countries. Imagine Pages in French!

words: Seema Duggal (and Lucinda Constable)


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