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A Short Review on Something Sweet. And Short.: Short and Sweet Festival

Grace Adler (of Will & Grace fame) once described going to the theatre as ‘an expensive nap’. I won’t deny that after a long day at work, a cosy seat in a darkened room in which to rest my tired little head can be a little tempting. Brilliantly, the folks at Sydney’s Short & Sweet Festival have found a way to appease those of us with the attention span of a stoned goldfish. Make the play short. Like, really short. I’m talking under ten minutes short.

Playwright Kaz Getts has written one of the 167 works showing in this year’s festival. Her play, Hormonophrenia, is running each night this week at Short & Sweet for a mere nine-ish minutes. It is, as the name suggests, a comedy about the nature of women, or more accurately, the insanity of a species. And hormones. Her inspiration, as always, is her own backyard. . There’s something to be said for the absolute comedy of real life: “[The play] has been inspired by all of us. By my life, my friends lives and the people around me. It’s little snapshots of the things that happen to us along the way… By the end of the journey, you’ve just gotta laugh.”


This is Kaz’s fourth year participating in Short + Sweet. As she explains, it’s hard not to enjoy. “It is so much fun to do. It’s a great venue to perform in and it’s a barrel of fun,” she says. The short timeframe culminates in some pretty interesting stories, as the writer can make more risky choices and push the boundaries. Although Kaz explains that “it’s not easy writing a coherent narrative in 10 minutes”, the challenge is something she relishes.

Short + Sweet runs Wednesday through Sunday nights throughout February at the Newtown Theatre and NIDA Playhouse. You can catch ten plays that clock in at less than 10 minutes a pop and traverse various genres - comedy, drama, thriller and mystery. Written, directed and acted by seasoned professionals, each play is a tasty little snack.

Check out the full program on the website. You can buy tickets at the box office or online.

words: Kristen Hodges


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