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Localism at its Finest: The Hive Bar

I’m a sucker for mismatched furniture and quirky things on walls, I’ll admit it. There’s something about sleek, sexy perfection, which, much as I do enjoy it from time to time, never quite makes me feel at home (I wonder what that says about me?). The Hive Bar in Erskineville is one such homey, cosy den of local wine and beer.

And I do mean local. Intentionally, all their beers are from Sydney breweries. They even their own custom brew on tap, amusingly called E’ville. The food they serve adheres to the sustainable, organic, local and ethical principles; they are participants in council’s Zero Waste Partners program and they use 100% accredited green power. It’s all about living locally and reducing the impact of humans on the planet. Cheers to that!

Hive has that ‘local’ vibe about it. It’s the sort of place you go any night of the week – just ‘cause. It’s ideal for that quick bite to eat and a lingering drink when you just want to be out amongst it a bit but you can’t be bothered with a restaurant. Somewhere you can kick back, especially in those hard to nab, but oh so worth it, glorious window seats. With a paper in one hand, a perfectly chilled brew in the other and a wistful afternoon to wile away, it’s a people-watcher’s dream; the creative families with their adorably indie 6 year-olds in baby Doc Martens and pink tutus; the artists with their scruffy, paint-splattered shoes and ink-stained fingers; the hopeful students with an eye for a cheap beer and a band that nobody else has heard of, the young couples with their eco-friendly cars and expensive handbags and the middle aged gay couple who’ve long since ditched the gym.

On Tuesday nights they have ramped up the usual trivia-nite-type fare RocKwiz-style, so it’s all music trivia, all night (none of that annoying geography and current affairs crap). Wednesday nights, it’s a vinyl-lover’s paradise – everyone is welcome to bring a record, good or bad, and wack it on the turntables for a listen. I’m yet to experience their Vinyl Club, but I will be digging out my original of The Police’s Synchronicity on red vinyl. Red! When I say “my original”, I really mean “my mother’s original”.

Mural, stencil and all types of artists are encouraged to make the wall their own, and drawing classes are held upstairs on a regular basis. The Hive are pretty passionate about art and about creating opportunities for young artists. And for those of us whiling the evening away, the ever-changing nature of the surrounds mean there’s always something new to pique interest.

The Hive Bar is relaxed and friendly, making it a perfect place to just hang. They’re open until midnight every night, seven days a week. Monday to Thursday you can pick up any of their pizzas and a beer for $12 – a bargain in just about anyone’s books.

The Hive Bar is at 3 Erskineville Road, Erskineville (on the corner, next to the Rose of Erskineville Hotel).

words: Kristen Hodges


January 22, 2010 at 11:52 AM squashedpanda said...

that looks fantastic, im going to take my mum out there.

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