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It's On! Twice: Friday Night Battles at the Chauvel.

I’m a massive fan of the double-feature. It used to be the norm back in my parents day, and now it’s like a special occasion thing. No fair. There’s just something so satisfying about settling in for an entire evening as opposed to a measly 120 minutes. A packed meal and a thermos full of something warming (vodka) are not out of the question, but I’m by no means implying that you SHOULD take vodka with you to the cinema, ‘cause that would be naughty.

I do not wish to sully the reputation of the megaplex – I love a good couple of hours of a trashy chick flick as much as the next person. What can I say, sometimes you just want to switch off and have fun. That said, there’s something special about places like the Chauvel, Dendy and Palace cinemas. Even good old Govindas in Darlinghurst. They just seem to do that little extra that draws me in.

The other great thing about the double-feature is that it’s really the only time you can justify getting one of those kegs of popcorn. I mean vomitorium. I mean, 10,000 calories in a cardboard tub. I mean, well, you know what I mean.

Best of all, you get to watch old movies on the big screen. Movies that for the most part I missed the first time round because I was either yet to be conceived, I was too young or I just wasn’t cool enough yet. Somehow that implies that now I am cool enough. I beg of you to let that one pass.

The Chauvel in Paddington is currently running a Friday Night Battles double feature series, and this week, the post-apocalyptic mad scientists from the classic Akira battle it out against pop stars with a split personality problem in Perfect Blue.

All the movie-nerds were talking about Akira in the late eighties: Empire Magazine has it on its Top 500 films of all time, it initiated the spread of anime outside Japan and has influenced a million and one animated films since. Clearly, it’s got game.
Perfect Blue, on the other hand, never had a theatrical release in Australia when it debuted in 2002 – it went straight to our Special Broadcasting Service. Described as being a little David Lynch and a lot Hitchcock, there are no mutants, no robots and no spaceships; it’s a purely psychological thriller. Some have even suggested it’s odd that Perfect Blue was made as an animated film (as opposed to, you know, with actors and whatnot).

It’s On! Friday Night Battles at the Chauvel start at 8.30. Tickets are just $12 (for both films, cheapskates). You can get them online or at the box office. It changes from week to week so keep an eye on the website for what’s coming up.

The Chauvel is on the corner of Oxford Street and Oatley Road in Paddington.

words: Kristen Hodges


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