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Adventure Time for All!: Flash Mob 2009

What’s cooler than an event where people who like photography can get together and go on a little adventure to CREATE photography? Not much, obviously. Matt Hodges decided to make such an event happen. You can thank him on Saturday.

What is Sydney Flash Mob?
An event where a group of friends, acquaintances and yet-to-know-each-others get together on a Saturday afternoon at a preselected spot in the city and go take some photos. We hand out 10 one-word ‘flash cards’ to each participant and they have until 10am the next morning to get a shot for each card and upload it. The following afternoon we meet for a BBQ lunch and everyone votes for his or her favourite shot for each ‘flash card’, complete with the requisite silly prizes.

What inspired you to create Sydney Flash Mob?
I came up with the idea about a year ago but I never did anything about it. Then I read a tweet by photography guru @Scottbourne that said “be the kind of photographer that makes other people want to be a photographer” and I totally connected with that concept because there’s this idea of photography as being a bit technical and I think by knowledge sharing and socialising we can dispel that myth.
For my birthday this year I was given a really nice camera, and I noticed that everyone around me was getting nice cameras too. We started talking about photography a lot so I figured why don’t we all go use them together?

How did you get into photography?
When I was a kid I was given a Kodak disk camera; which were these crazy things that had a sort of spindle for the film. I used to take photos of everything; I was obsessed. I would get in trouble all the time for using too much film (there were only 15 shots per spindle). Then when I was 18, I inherited a dusty camera from my grandfather when he died. It was my first SLR. It served me well and got me through the photography subjects of my Film & TV Production degree.

What do you want to get out of Flash Mob?
I like learning new stuff and experimenting. It’s great being around other creative types and being inspired and motivated. Mostly I just want to have fun.

Who can play?
Anyone! The skill level of participants ranges from beginner to knowledgeable amateur. We don’t have any professionals involved as far as we know, but hey, the more the merrier.

How do people join in?
Send me an email so I know you’re coming and I’ll reply with the details including the meeting place and instructions.

Sydney Flash Mob 2009 is on this Saturday, December 19 around the CBD.


December 16, 2009 at 12:21 PM rachel kara said...

one of those ideas im like dam why didnt i come up with that?! sounds super

first time i've visited sidestreet and i'm already hooked :)

keep it up!

much love x

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