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And a Happy(er) New Year

Dear good people of the world (especially those who live in Sydney),

I have been trying to think of what to write for a Happy Holidays message to you all, but everything I have come up with has made me come across as a bit wanky. And so, as a forewarning, I should inform you that this letter may come across as a bit wanky. Admission is the first step in recovery, right?
Also, I like the word wanky. It’s funny.

This year has, by many accounts, sucked balls, and I don’t know too many people who are sad to see it end. We started with a bang, which for the most part was the sound of the global economic system falling to the cement pavement from about 100,000 metres high. Then all of us were scared we were going to lose our jobs, scared our house price was going to fall, scared of evil Oompa Loompas lurking in the distance. Or was that last one just me? Either way, it seemed like we were scared of EVERYTHING, and do you know what feeds off fear? FEAR.
Don’t be too proud of yourself if you got that right. It was kind of a no-brainer.

And so there we were, all scaredy-pants and whathaveyou, when our personal lives had the nerve to start reacting, too. There was some sort of universal domino effect going on, climaxing with the death of Michael Jackson and producing after-effects in the forms of Daul Kim and Brittany Murphy. For those of us who lost real people as well, this was all too much. Something had to give.

In my case, it did, by way of this little website, which I love so much I kind of want to dress it in tiny little slippers and carry it around with me in my handbag, as one does with babies. I was in the middle of loathing everything when I thought, wait a second, my life is kind of crap. And so one thing led to another, obladi oblada, and then bam! I quit my job so that I could concentrate on doing what I loved: writing. Also, I wanted to wake up in the morning with a reason NOT to hang myself.

Side Street, Sydney was part of my remuneration package when I traded in Surry Hills salads for tinned spaghetti, and I have to say, I am much happier for it. And at the risk of sounding even wankier, I really like you, dear readers, and I hope you like Side Street, Sydney, too. I have nothing but big, MASSIVE love for everyone involved in this site (thank youuuuu!) and I adore all the people who have been featured on it so much I feel like I might pop. After all, one of the hidden motivations behind creating this was getting cool people to talk to me. I have succeeded.

I suppose the point of this rambling is to say hi, have a wonderful silly season, marry me. We’re off for a few days because we fear the computer is about to create a vortex and suck us in, so this is the last post until the 2nd of Jan. I hope you all get a chance to peel your eyes away from the screen and focus on the things that matter, too, and if you’re looking for a New Years Resolution, here’s a tip: in 2010, do what makes you happy. Faith is the opposite of fear, and it pretty much always helps to do things in the spirit of it, despite how scary they may be. Nothing is impossible, but it’s up to you to listen to your beating little heart. It may be contrived to say, but it’s true – life’s too short to do anything else. Particularly if you have a thing for prescription drugs.

Fairydust & Schweppervescence on you all (how GOOD is that ad),
Seema xx

photo by Lisa Zhu


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